journey to your hearts
3 days intensive

21/23 January 2020

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Journey to your Hearts Intensive workshop is something that you cannot miss this time.
Is the union between 3 of the most powerful practices you can experience in Koh Phangan.
1- Breath of Love ( Breath work )
2- Journey to your heart in the ocean ( Water healing session)
3- Shamanic sound Healing ( Hight vibrational healing frequency)
4- Plus many beautiful lectures that are going to change the way you see the world today, and make your life full of abundance of anything you still missing.

What do you will get from this intensive?

1- Learn How to be fully in love with yourself and the key of happiness.
2- Learn a powerful breath-work technique that you can include in your practice.
3- Learn how to hold the space for a person in the water.
4- Receiving 3 sessions in the water.
5- Tantra Practices.
6- Learn How to make your personal mantra.
7- Mastering the mind for higher purpose in life.
8- Learn How to set your goals and the power of self discipline.
9- Developing a stable and powerful morning routine.
10- Vocal activation, releasing traumas, old believing, bad programming.
11- Learn How to protect your-self and create a safe space.
12- Discover the Mystery of the heart and law of attraction.

Breath Of Love

  Is an amazing and  powerful Breath-Work & Sound-based workshop.

A shamanic journey where Davide D’Agostino
will  help you to embody your  infinite potential,
manifesting  harmony and abundance,
of love, health, happiness, and money.

Guiding you in your journey to reconnect with  your authentic Soul,
your true self, your higher self, with your inner infinite intelligence
your Spiritual Heart Center.

Journey to Your Heart in the Ocean

The invitation is to surrender
to observe without judgement
to open your heart and receive unconditional love
from mother ocean.
One session can be very powerful experience and more treatments can lead the receiver
to let go many of old unnecessary emotions and sometimes even unknown blockages.
It is an experience of dance of universe
that carries you into deep meditative state.
It is a journey to your heart and our essence of light.

Shamanic sound healing

A sound therapy treatment is both a passive and participatory experience. The passive aspect is that you become more relaxed by laying down and slowing your breath. By doing this, you prepare yourself to become the receiver of sound. It’s in this place of stillness that you participate by becoming more open and aware of each sound that comes in. Sound helps create the pathway to this place of stillness.

Healing with sound can improve or cure many ailments including:

  • Autism
  • Depression
  • Learning disabilities
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Stress
  • PTSD
  • Pain

It can also bring about:

  • Clarity and balance
  • Relaxation
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Improved sleep
  • A stronger immune system
  • Improved creativity
  • Heightened awareness, both of the self and the environment


Journey to Your Heart
Intensive Detailed Program

Day 1

10.00 to 13.00
– Heart Meditation
– How to be in love with ourselves and the key of happiness
– How is important the morning routine
– Magic Recipes: Magic potion, Manuka Honey, Kambucha.
– Brain food
– The 5 Dimension
– Make our personal Mantra
– Positive affirmations
– Why setting our goals and intentions is so important

14.30 to 16.30
– Breath of Love Ceremony
– Final Sharing

16.30 to 18.30
– Journey to your heart in the ocean ( The fundamental to hold a safe space)

Day 2

10.00 to 13.00
– Heart meditation
– Vocal activation Ceremony, releasing traumas, old believing, programming, filters from our throat chakra.
– Share the truth
– Lecture about the power of live Vibrations

14.30 to 16.30
– Breath of Love and Soul to Soul meeting new friends
– What is the Blue-print ?

16.30 TO 14.30
– Journey to your heart in the Ocean

Day 3

10.00 to 13.00 
– Heart meditation
– How to protect yourself and create a safe space
– Water and memory
– Mystery of the heart
– Low of attraction and the power of self discipline




  • 6700 THB   ( 222$ )

14.30 to 16.30
– Final breath of love and transfiguration Ceremony

16.30 to 18.30
– Final Water Jam