Davide D’Agostino

Davide D’Agostino, was made in Italy, and since 5 years he’s leaving in the magical crystal island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.
He has background in Psychology and sailing around the world for about 15 years.
He’s an internationally renowned healer, teacher, personal heart centered coach and a Sonic Shamanic Maestro Specialist on the Hang Drum, Shamanic Flutes, Bansuri Flutes, Drums, Crystal Bowls, Light Language and channeling different Shamanic frequencies through his deep ancestral voice.
Davide carries the ancient frequencies of the Sacred Masculine, a true Sonic Alchemist of love.
He is a Sound, Breath and Water Master Healer incorporating the elements of water, air and Frequencies of unconditional Love.

Davide D’Agostino is the founder of Journey to Your Hearts and the creator of Shamanic Sound Healing and Breath of love.
The intention of his work, is to help open minded, heart centered individuals to shift energy and blockages held within their bodies cellular memory in order to gain insights into themselves and experience states of deep peace and relaxation through music, meditation & breath, through these powerfully healing Divine Sound Journeys.
Following his teachings people Improve overall health, vitality & well-being; releasing tension, stress and traumas, gaining focus and clarity; awakening the bodies innate healing wisdom and gaining personal empowerment and deeply connect with the most powerful energy of unconditional love.
Working heart to heart with his clients, Davide help them to Manifest new visions, purposes, and Increasing in them the self confidence.
Guiding all of them to navigate safe in the beautiful flow of love and abundance.
All his clients at the end of the healing journey, or coaching conquer everything they where looking for or missing in life.
Davide D’Agostino is able to provide for you all the tools you need to manifest ,More love, More money, More Health, More Happiness in your life.

He’s waiting for you to take action, play full out and show up.