Breath Of Love
Facilitator Training

19 Feb - 2 Mar 2024

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Become a Professional Breathwork Facilitator

Awaken,  Heal, & Transform your clients to their fullest potential with Breath Of Love – an authentic Shamanic heart-opening ceremony, a journey beyond the mind through the power of Breath & Sound

A unique combination of therapeutic breathwork techniques and live vibration and music.

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What this Training is about:

This intensive facilitator training course mainly focuses on a breathing method called Shamanic Breathwork and the application of live vibration or sound. It also include water therapy, divine connection, Shamanism, self-inquiry practice, alchemy of energy, 

This is for those who want to experience a deep healing journey and dedicate their time to inner work, personal mastery, self-realization, and transformation. And genuinely want to support other people to do the same by becoming a truly exceptional breathwork facilitator.

Program Structure

Upcoming Training : 19Feb - 2 Mar 2024

Here are some of the subjects covered during the teacher training

Part 1

 The first few days design to reset and purify your body, mind, and spirit. It’s all about allowing yourself to receive and reconnecting to the Source

  • Daily Meditation
  • Daily Breathwork Practice (Shamanic Breath Of Love) 
  • 2 Sound Healing Sessions
  • 2 Water Healing Sessions
  • Shamanic Ceremony (Full Day)
    • Connect to the medicine within you
    • Deep self-evolutional work
    • Voice activation & trauma release
  • 4  Lectures: Secret of Happiness & Fulfilling life 

Part 2

Focuses on the deeper level of knowledge, theory, and techniques of breathwork, sound, and how to facilitate your own sessions for a profound healing.

  • Breathwork theory, circular breath, breath hold
  • Breath Of Love method
  • Shamanic Sound Healing 
  • Shamanic Ceremonies (Full Day)
  • Awaken Your Inner Shaman
  • Safety and Boundary 
  • Art of Teaching
  • Real Life Experience In Leading A Group Sessions
  • Daily Lecture and Wisdom, that will unlock your full potential as a person and as a professional facilitator, for example:
    • How to talk in public with success and confidence
    • How to promote yourself 
    • How to make and save money
    • How to achieve financial freedom

* Please note that program details and daily schedule are subject to change, according to the flow of energy,  group energy, weather conditions etc.

Find your
Higher Purpose

This once in a lifetime experience is far more than a simple facilitator training.
It is a deep, transformative journey to reconnect to the love and the truth within you. Allow yourself to become the best version of yourself
so that you are able to help others to do the same. 

We have gathered some of the most powerful healing tools and practices
for you to serve the awakening of the planet. Your help is needed right now to offer these gifts to the world  and support others on their journey of realizing their true self and expand into their full potential.

Experience the unlimited healing power of sound, breath and water and allow them to transform you into the leader of love and of change that you have always been inside.

Come with us on this unique and complete journey of self-development to gain all the skills and experience that you need to become a professional and empowered facilitator.

We will offer you the space and the guidance that you need
to grow and to blossom into your full potential. Through the support of a loving community we will raise each other up to grow and expand beyond our limitations.

Together we will unlock all the gifts and power you have to offer to the world,
honoring you for exactly where you are at and what your challenges and strengths are.

You already carry your inner Shaman, your inner healer within, all it takes is you to remember the truth of what you are and reconnect to your inner medicine.

Let us collectively create the world of love and abundance we all dream of and become change makers in the global evolution of consciousness.

Program Outline

Learn how to be fully in love with yourself:

The importance of a personal morning routine
Setting goals to manifest the life of your dreams
Learn how to improve the 12 areas of your life

Awaken your inner Shaman:

Learn how to create a safe space of transformation
for everyone, while protecting your own energy

Learn how to hold the space for Breath of Love and inspire others to open their hearts:

Learn how to facilitate a gentle yet powerful
breath-work technique
The union between the power of breath and
the power of live vibrations

Learn to let go and surrender
in the water element:

Use the magical space of the water element,
allow yourself to receive one of the most powerful healing sessions

Learn how to hold space for beautiful
Shamanic Sound Healing Journeys:

Learn how to play different musical instruments
and how to express music from
the depths of your heart

Vocal activation and trauma release

Let go of old beliefs, programming and trauma
that have blocked you from fully expressing
your true self Awaken and the full potential
of your voice 
the most powerful healing instrument in the planet

Shamanic Ceremony
deep self-evolutional work:

We are going to dive deep into the Shamanic field and awaken the alchemist within you
Allow your inner shaman to connect you
to the magic and the medicine inside of yourself

We are here to help you manifest all your dreams and become the best version
of yourself.

How to reach your goals:

Use the power of self-discipline
to realize  your goals and change your life

How to speed up the learning process

Tap into the ability to learn anything
faster and more efficient
Increase your memory retention
By unlearning your limiting habits and belief systems  

How to promote yourself:

Learn successful marketing strategies
to promote your offerings Learn how to use Facebook, Instagram and e-Mail to attract clients Learn how to make and save money by doing what you love

Let's raise each other up
to grow and expand beyond all limitation

Extra Bonus To
Kick Start Your Journey

Gain experience in leading real group sessions of:

1-Shamanic Breath of Love
2-Shamanic Sound Healing
3-Opportunities to practice your teachings in real workshops (with real clients)

4 – Opportunities to play musical instruments from all around the world
5 – Being part of a powerful group of super-humans
6 – Opportunities to play music or facilitate workshops 
in a big festival
7 – Meet your tribe, get connected and feel supported

Purpose of this retreat & training

We are inviting you to come on this incredible Shamanic Heart Opening Journey because we love our life and want you to fully fall in love with yours too.

Our mission is to inspire everyone to open their hearts and to live from a space of unconditional love. We believe that this is the only medicine the world needs at this time  to serve the creation of the true paradise on earth.

In this life changing opportunity we are going to transmit all the knowledge and experience
that you need to come into your full potential.

Besides going on a deep healing journey, we will also have  a lot of fun on the way and enjoy our time together.

Are you ready to open your heart to the infinite love and abundance of the universe?
Are you ready to follow the calling of your soul and step into your power?
Are you ready to live the life of your wildest dreams?



The Shala is located on a quiet side of Srithanu area, overlooking stunning panoramic sea views with one of the most magical sunset

Besides, nature will also be a big part of our space. During the retreat and training we will spend time on the beach, tropical jungle, or waterfall.


The facilitator training fee does not include accommodation. Below is the recommend place to stay during your training. All are in walking distance from our beach temple.

Loyfa Natural Resort

Distance from our shala: 240m
1 minute drive, 4 minutes walk

Cassiopeia Srithanu Apartments

Distance from our shala: 280m
1 minute drive, 5 minutes walk

Nice Sea Resort

Distance from our shala: 950m
3 minute drive, 14 minutes walk

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Georg Buchner

Head of business development at (Helsinn England)

A fabulous and spiritual experience that Davide masterfully knows how to manage and guide you. He instrumental skills and knowledge of the field will guide you in a unique voyage in yourselves and to your heart. Always added by davides natural humour and easygoing nature.

Jenna MacEwen

Traveler (USA)

Davide’s ceremonies have carried strong with me throughout the past year. I remember how beautifully he held an open and loving space to release the inner blockages. I will forever be grateful for what he has taught me on my own journey to the heart.

Magda Bednarek

Personal Trainer (London)

I am enchanted with Davide’s talent. He is an absolute virtuoso of sound, strong space holder and at the same time just a humble, gentle and genuine man who understands the power of his gift and importance of sharing it with the world.
Journeys with Davide are like a band-aid applied lovingly to the deepest wounds. Soothing, healing and empowering you to feel safe to let go and explore yourself beyond pain, fear and doubt.
I would recommend his offerings from the bottom of my very open heart.

Daliah Barkan

Founder of Orion Healing Center (Israel)

Davide is an excellent facilitator. He holds such a great space and his sound healing sessions at Orion Healing Center are really one of the highlights of the week. He has the ability to transform energy and bring the whole space into a place of bliss and deep surrender. He understands the way that music can really move and touch our soul. I have also experienced his work with Breath of Love and this was quite magical. Using the guided breath I was able to dissolve pain in my body. His sessions bring you into presence and back to the heart. I love how he is so dedicated to this work, but has the ability to bring lightness and laughter to any situation.

Thomas Car

Dj (France)

I highly recommend this transformative experience ! I have been going every week for 6 weeks and truly enjoy every time a deep and different experience 🙂

Kate Parrott

H2O Yoga & Meditation Center (London)

I’ve had the pleasure of joining a number of Davide’s sound healing and Breath of Love sessions now. Each and every one was a beautiful, deeply unique healing experience. This gentle soul has such a gift – very, very special! Thank you

Maoz Yaakov

Sexologist, specializing in sexual therapy at Bar - Ilan University (Israel)

Highly recommend, one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.

Katie Mae Scripps

Providence Farm & CSA (USA)

I’ve had the pleasure of joining a number of Davide’s sound healing and Breath of Love sessions now. Each and every one was a beautiful, deeply unique healing experience. This gentle soul has such a gift – very, very special! Thank you

Carol Ramoneda

Therapeutic Massage (Barcellona)

Since years I’ve done different techniques with Davide: wataflow, kirtans, breathwork, sound healing, cacao ceremonies… and I love his gentle energy, love and his sense of humor. I recommend.

Sander van Hoe

Office assistance (New York)

The breath of love is an experience that you will never forget: pure ecstasy and bliss!

The true heaven is
inside of your heart
Becoming a facilitator is
the way to inspire others to find their paradise within.

Breath Of Love Facilitator Training


This investment includes:

Transportation, accommodation, breakfast and dinner are not included

*Book your spot by paying 10% deposit. 

Full payment in cash or online banking will be required up on arrival

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