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Facilitator Training - Davide D'Agostino - Journey To Your Hearts

journey to your hearts
Facilitator Training

Breath work | Sound Healing | Water Therapy

1st September 2020

220 Hours professional Training

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Upcoming trainings

 1st September 2020

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Save 900$ if you register by February 16, 2020

Why are we offering this opportunity to you?

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Why are we doing this training?

We are inviting you to come on this incredible Shamanic Heart Opening Journey
because we love our life and want you to fully fall in love with yours too.
We wake up every day to do something that we love and to share that with the world.
We get to inspire people to do the things that inspire them. It’s the most wonderful thing in the world to figure out all the different ways to bring our dreams into reality. 

By sharing our gifts and passion with the world we are actually able to truly enjoy our life and receive the abundance from the universe that we all deserve.
Living on a paradise island surrounded by beautiful nature and beautiful people,
we are helping others to awaken, heal and empower themselves.
We are very blessed to be able to do what we love, but so are you.
In this life changing opportunity we are going to transmit all the knowledge and experience
that you need to come into your full potential.
Besides going on a deep healing journey, we will also have  a lot of fun on the way
and enjoy our time together.

Our mission is to inspire everyone to open their hearts and
to live from a space of unconditional love.
We believe that this is the only medicine the world needs at this time   
to serve the creation of the true paradise on earth.
Are you ready to open your heart to the infinite love and abundance of the universe?
Are you ready to follow the calling of your soul and step into your power?
Are you ready to live the life of your wildest dreams?

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Learn how to be fully in love with yourself:

The importance of a personal morning routine
Setting goals to manifest the life of your dreams
Learn how to improve the 12 areas of your life

Awaken your inner Shaman:

Learn how to create a safe space of transformation
for everyone,while protecting your own energy

Learn how to hold the space for Breath of Love and inspire others to open their hearts:

Learn how to facilitate a gentle yet powerful
breath-work technique
The union between the power of breath and
the power of live vibrations

Learn how to hold the space
for a person in the water element:

Use the magical space of the water element
to offer one of the most powerful healing sessions
to anyone
Journey to your Hearts in the Water

Learn how to hold space for beautiful
Shamanic Sound Healing Journeys:

Learn how to play different musical instruments
and how to express music from
the depths of your heart

Vocal activation and trauma release

Let go of old beliefs, programming and trauma
that have blocked you from fully expressing
your true self Awaken and the full potential
of your voice 
the most powerful healing instrument in the planet

Plant medicine journeys
deep self-evolutional work:

We are going to dive deep into the Shamanic field and awaken the alchemist within you
Allow your inner shaman to connect you
to the magic and the medicine inside of yourself

We are here to help you manifest all your dreams and become the best version
of yourself.


Learn how to reach your goals:

Use the power of self-discipline
to realize  your goals and change your life

Learn how to learn quick and fast:

Tap into the ability to learn anything
faster and more efficient
Increase your memory retention
By unlearning your limiting habits and belief systems  

Learn how to promote yourself:

Learn successful marketing strategies
to promote your offerings Learn how to use Facebook, Instagram and e-Mail to attract clients Learn how to make and save money by doing what you love

Create your own landing page:

Build your personal landing page on our website
with the support of a professional web designer without investing months in building contents,
logo and design and save 2800USD journeytoyourhearts.com     

The world is waiting for you to step into your full power and take action
from your heart.

What is included in this training?

1- How to learn quick and fast (Training value 440$)
2- Shamanic Sound Healing (Training value 1,650$)
3- Breath of Love (Training value 2,900$)
4- Journey to your Hearts in the Ocean (Training value 780$)
5- How to promote yourself (Training value 250$)
6- How to talk in public with success and confidence (Training value 250$)
7- Marketing strategies and social media (Training value 780$)
8- How to make and save money (Training value 350$)
9- How to achieve financial freedom (Training value 500$)
10- Your personal landing page on our website (Value 2800$)
11- Plant medicine, deep self-evolutional work (Value 600$)
12- Music lessons (Value 1000$)

Total value 12,000$
What you will pay is only 600$ for level 1 and 2,900$ for level 2
If you book Level 1 and 2 together it is only 2,900$ and you save 900$.

If you have already accomplished any other breath work facilitator
training with certification you are free to skip Level 1

Life is a dream and
after this training,
you will be able
to choose yours.

Extra Free Bonus

Gain experience in leading real group sessions of:

1-Breath of Love
2-Shamanic Sound Healing
3-Opportunities to practice your teachings in real workshops (with real clients)

4 – Opportunities to play musical instruments from all around the world
5 – Being part of a powerful group of super-humans
6 – Opportunities to play music or facilitate workshops 
in a big festival
7– Free Ecstatic Dance
8 – Meet your tribe, get connected and feel supported

9 – Life-long emotional support from our team
10 – Professional Facebook page
11 – Get professional pictures and videos for your website and social media and be able to start promoting yourself right after the training
12 – Receive expert mentorship, templates, feedback and Facilitator Training Manual

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Find your
Higher Purpose

This once in a lifetime experience is far more than a simple facilitator training.
It is a deep, transformative journey to reconnect to the love and the truth within you.
Allow yourself to become the best version of yourself
so that you are able to help others to do the same.
We have gathered some of the most powerful healing tools and practices
for you to serve the awakening of the planet.
Your help is needed right now to offer these gifts to the world  and support others
on their journey of realizing their true self and expand into their full potential.

Experience the unlimited healing power of sound, breath and water and allow them to transform you into the leader of love and of change that you have always been inside.
Come with us on this unique and complete journey of self-development to gain all the skills and experience that you need to become a professional and empowered facilitator.
We will offer you the space and the guidance that you need
to grow and to blossom into your full potential.
Through the support of a loving community we will raise each other up to grow and
expand beyond our limitations.

Together we will unlock all the gifts and power you have to offer to the world,
honoring you for exactly where you are at and what your challenges and strengths are.
You already carry your inner Shaman, your inner healer within, all it takes is you to remember the truth of what you are and reconnect to your inner medicine.
Let us collectively create the world of love and abundance we all dream of and
become change makers in the global evolution of consciousness.


Registration Options

Register by 16 July 2020
Save 900$

Level 1
6 Days from the 10 March or 1st October  2020
Hours: 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm (5 Days)   
Hours: 9am-9pm (1Day)

Level 2
25 Days from the 16th March or from 8th October 2020
Hours : 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm  (11Days) 
Hours : 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm, 7pm-9pm  (8 Days)
Hours : 9am-9pm (3Days) 

Transportation, accommodation, breakfast and dinner are not included in the price


Sale until 16 July 2020

LEVEL 1 & 2

Single payment



Pay once and save $900

Reserve your spot in September

6 month payment plan



Per month for 6 months and save $900

Reserve your spot in September 

Sale until 16 July 2020


Single payment



Pay now and save $200

Reserve your spot in September

The true heaven is
inside of your heart
Becoming facilitator is
the way To inspire others
To find their paradise within.