Breath Of Love

Gentle Breath

Heart Opening

Breath Of Love is an amazing and powerful Breath-Work & Sound-based workshop.
A shamanic heart-opening ceremony, a journey beyond the mind.

Where you will reconnect with your authentic Soul, your true self, your higher self, with your inner infinite intelligence your Spiritual Heart Center.

Using high frequency healing instruments, songs & spoken voice, guided meditation to evoke a state of well being, relaxation, deep peace and inner harmony. Deeper realization and clarity.

After your Breath of Love journey you can discover and connect with your purpose and how free you are to follow your deepest heart desires.

This simple yet powerful practice helps release stuck emotions and past conditioning/trauma, reset from daily stress and connect with inner wisdom.

YOU will let go whatever no longer that doesn’t serve, and YOU WILL OPEN to the LOVE that YOU ARE.

Different phases of breath-work will guide you in a deep and gente journey with shamanic live music of drum, flutes, shakers, voice, guitar, handpan etc.

After the breath-work part you will be able to deeply relax, download new messages and visions from mother heart. Be open to receive she’s very generous.

What is your purpose?

You will bring into your body, and into your physical reality, all the teachings, knowledges and downloading that you are going to receive during the sessions.

You start moving through your life in a new way, making choices and decisions that are in alignment with your greatest nourishment, harmony and well-being.

The wisdom is inside of you!

Let the infinite wisdom already present inside of you, the pure energy of all creations, awake in the most beautiful and possible harmony and wholeness within you. It will happens as soon as you let yourself surrender to it, allowing it to rearrange and open yourself in a new way.

Breath of Love is a timeless Journey into the heart. Activation of the portal that will bring you through altered states of consciousness.

It is a journey beyond space and time.  So, you can claim back the power of your inner knowing, intuition and clarity.

Let the magic happen

Physical, emotional and spiritual healing experiences become possible and magic will happen for you. The realization of the oneness, divinity and freedom is something that no other meditation or spiritual practice can offer to you.

With this amazing practice you are going to help yourself, to remember who you really are. Helping you to surrender to your fears and transform your bad habits, by becoming the best version of yourself.

Breath of Love is an incredible experience of coming back home. It brings deep indescribable peace, bliss, and clarity.



What is all about?

You are invited to share space with Davide D’Agostino for a divine healing journey like no other & delve into the cosmic realms through a shamanic sound and breath experience that will lift your spirits HIGH!!!

Davide specializes in helping open minded, heart centered individuals to shift energy and blockages held within their bodies cellular memory in order to gain insights into themselves and experience states of deep peace and relaxation through music, meditation & breath through these powerfully healing Divine Sound Journeys.

These sessions are highly useful for improving overall health, vitality & well-being releasing tension and stress; gaining focus and clarity awakening the bodies innate healing wisdom and gaining personal empowerment.
This sacred Shamanic journey was born in the Apu’s (mountain) of Peru’, close to Pisac, when Davide D’Agostino found himself on 4600m looking to the paradise around him and the Sacred Apu’s start to vibrate in front of him, Showing to him the best way to share love and help the others to open up.

The Ceremony is guided, by shamanic live music including various instruments like Flutes from all over the world, Drums, Crystal Bowls, Guitar, Shruti Box and his Magical Handpan.
During the session Davide will channel for you shamanic energy healing, connecting with ancestral forces, high vibrational sound, medicine songs, guided meditation and sharing.

The most important aspect?

Are you ready to feel your heart fully open and a profound clarity of the mind?
You are going to experience pure peace permeating your whole physical and emotional body.
Rewiring your nervous system and clearing energetic traumas.
Opening all the channels to connect with your Heart/Source clear guidance.
Manifesting visions and purpose and Increasing of your self confidence.
Fully step in the flow of love and abundance.

More love, More money, More Health, More Happiness are waiting for you to take action play full out and showing up.